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סיפורים קצרים ושירים שכתבתי


I am Manchester.
I stand tall and proud.
I am the home of the old and the young,
The creative and the simple,
The poor and the rich,
The silent and the loud,
I am a first home and a second home 
or a home from time to time.
And even though my weather is grey -
my people are warm.
Can you hear them ?
Roaring like blood running through my veins,
Making sure my heart never stops beating.
Can you see them?
As they stomp a firm right and then a left foot
See them holding hands and creating a wall -
A barrier that can never be broken
For it is made up of a sense of belonging, pride and love.
My greatest weapons. 
So watch me as i'm putting back the pieces.
Watch me as i grow stronger fixing everything you have broken.
I'll watch your smile disappear from your lips
As you hear these words being spoken.

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